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Motor club founded in 1963


Aniversário das Facções

Los Borrachos - 20 anos & San Juan - 1 ano

Pirassununga - SP

20 de Abril

El Manicômio || Caieras - SP

27 de Abril


Weekly Footprints

Zapata Moto Clube is a Brazilian motorcycle club founded in 1963 in the city of Ferraz de Vasconcelos in  Sao Paulo.


The motorcycle club was born from a passion that some friends shared and nowadays it has more than 50 years with a lot of mileage covered by Brazil and South America.


At the beginning of the 20th century, a revolution broke out in Mexico. The delay in agrarian reform, the hunger and misery of the people were the main reasons that aroused the ire of a peasant named Emiliano Zapata. Zapata fought on behalf of the oppressed and became a hero of the Mexican revolution, until he was assassinated in the city of Chinameca in 1919.


In 1963, in Brazil, Torello Pelegrini and a few more friends identified with the Mexican leader and decided to honor him, creating a small club called Zapata. They idealized an environment in which everyone could be brothers above all else. Thus, the Zapata Moto Club was officially born.

logo zapata mc brasil_edited.png

The friends settled in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, a city in Greater São Paulo, having a common passion: Motorcycles.


The coat of arms derives from a book that tells the story and struggle of Emiliano Zapata, bringing the  representation of a seated Mexican covered in a poncho, holding a rifle and a book, which means  the laws that Zapata drew up to build a better country, with resolutions he dreamed of for the people who  accompanied him, known as the Zapatistas.  


According to the statute of the motorcycle club, the priority must be the free people, enjoying the motorcycles respecting the rights of all who travel on the roads, respecting nature, helping others, promoting social actions in favor of the needy population, such as distribution of food baskets, warm clothing, medicines, not just being in the community, it is necessary to change it for the better, helping those who live in it and those in need. 

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